Dominican Republic Adoption: Abby Shares Her Adoption Story [S7E8]

Dominican Republic Adoption poster with a family mage

What does it take to adopt from the Dominican Republic? Abby, a Midwest mother and teacher, shares her adoption story to bring home her 2nd daughter from the Dominican. After they signed with an agency to do a new DR adoption program, they were matched to a little girl. The family traveled with their biological daughter…

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The Brain Mapping Interview: Family Coach and Author, Wendy Gossett, Shares How She Helps Families [S7E3]

Noah and April interview Wendy Gossett and share about their experience with brain mapping and discovering their family’s personalities. Wendy helps parents understand their children by using temperament psychology and neuroscience. She has over twenty years of experience in education, working in the classroom and corporate sector. “We often believe we are seeing reality when…

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