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Dominican Republic Adoption: Abby Shares Her Adoption Story [S7E8]

What does it take to adopt from the Dominican Republic? Abby, a Midwest mother and teacher, shares her adoption story to bring home her 2nd daughter from the Dominican. After they signed with an agency to do a new DR adoption program, they were matched to a little girl. The family traveled with their biological daughter and stayed in country for 135 days! Although it was not easy, they were grateful for the time they had together, getting used to being a family for 4. On this episode, we talk about how often the adoption journey pulls you out of your comfort zone and into an adventure. Abby shares what it was like to bring home a child that does not speak English and has been raised in an orphanage for her first 5 years. It was such a change for her new daughter and a big family change for her biological daughter! Listen to this story to be encouraged that in time, things do come together!

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