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Native American Adoption: Adoptee, Christian Markeey, Shares His Adoption Story From the Lakota Sioux Tribe [S6E24]

On this episode, Christian Markeey shares his adoption story from the Lakota Sioux Tribe in South Dakota. He was one of eight children being raised by parents that were both alcoholics. Christian shares what it was like to start life in the midst of chaos, but then meeting his adoptive mother at age 4. It was a couple of years later when his life would change forever. She was able to fully adopt him and bring him to Arizona. Though he did love and attach to her, he deeply missed his biological family. He shares about those conflicting emotions that many adoptees feel. He talks about searching for his Native American roots and how he overcame suicidal thoughts and alcoholism. This episode is an inspiring story and helps us understand the adoptee’s journey. Christian is now married and has 2 daughters. His best advice to adoptive parents is to remember “your presence means more than you can know.” He encourages those thinking of adopting to pursue what is in your heart because though adoption is tough, he is overwhelmingly grateful for his journey.

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