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Little Farmers: SaVanna Schmidt Shares from North Dakota on Adoption and Farm Life [S6E18]

SaVanna and her husband, Nate, live in rural North Dakota. Both of them were born and raised there. They are grain farmers, raising mostly wheat and soybeans. When they struggled to become parents, they decided to go on the adoption journey through foster care. SaVanna shares what it was like bringing home a medically fragile baby and finding out that the baby might go to another foster family. In this episode we learn how important it is to stay loving and consistent in the adoption process.
She says, “Sometimes it’s the unexpected parts of the journey that you end up loving the most. Not only do you have to be very open and vulnerable when going through the adoption process, but you also have to be very open and vulnerable while raising the child. Unexpected things continue to pop up, but you learn, advocate, and adapt.”

She now has two beautiful daughters who are loving the farm life!

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