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Katie & Scott’s Story [S2E16]

We are SO excited to be featuring our first embryo adoption donor family story today on the podcast! Katie and Scott were a bit older when they decided that they wanted children, and after researching both fostering and adoption, they were heartbroken and discouraged. After a fateful lunch with a good friend, the idea of surrogacy and IVF was planted, and ultimately proved to be the correct path for them. They ended up being blessed with a set of twins, but also had another set of embryos which they knew they would not be using. Katie and Scott faced the choice that a lot of IVF parents face: Either donate your extra embryos to science, keep them frozen in storage, or discard them. They felt uncomfortable with each of these choices and ended up doing some research of their own. Out of this research came the National Registry for Adoption, which Katie created with her friend Charis, to help pair embryo donors with waiting adoptive families that wanted to carry their adopted children. As she puts it “It’s like the of the embryo donation and adoption world”. They decided to donate their embryos to an adoptive family that successfully carried twins. Katie and Scott gave their embryos life and blessed a family with children!! Today they tell ADOPTION NOW about that journey.

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