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Hushabye Nursery: Tara Sundem Shares Her Journey to Help Babies During Withdrawal [S7E9]

Do you know someone who is adopting a baby that has been exposed to drug use in utero?

Are you an adoptive or foster parent that has jumped into a world that you have no idea about?

What does a detoxing baby need?

This interview is so important to the adoption community and will answer those questions.

Tara Sundem is a neonatal nurse that has opened a recovery center for newborns going through the withdrawal process. Hushabye Nursery works with families to give short-term care to infants that are detoxing. They provide training and support to the caregivers or parents that are walking through this recovery process with the baby. On this episode, we share many tips and advice for families that have a child that has gone through a challenging first start.

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