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From an Empty Car Seat to a Full House: Shawn and Shannon’s Incredible Story

Mar 21, 2019

Shannon expressed a desire to be a mother early in her relationship with Shawn--Try the first date! She knew she wanted kids because being a mother had always been a dream for her.

Yet God would have other plans for the couple at that time.

As they got married and tried for children, it was not as easy as they planned. Even though they persisted, they couldn’t conceive. And it was at this moment that they realized God had different plans. 

After rounds of fertility treatments, including IVF, it proved fruitless and the dream to become parents seemed far away. They decided to pursue adoption and got matched! Shawn and Shannon had their first experience with private infant adoption that sadly ended with the birth mother changing her mind.  The couple left the hospital with an empty car seat and the grief set in again.

Their positive attitude with that experience impressed their agency who called them months later with a newborn baby boy! The couple brought home Logan and the adversity they had faced was a blessing in disguise because it led them to the baby they were meant to have.

This story is a great reminder that hope springs eternal. Despite the painful beginnings and emotionally devastating waiting, both Shawn and Shannon were so thrilled to become parents to their new baby.  Their hearts went from empty to full and that is exactly what the adoption journey does for so many families. 


A Lesson in Handling Disappointment With Grace

The most inspiring part of Shawn and Shannon’s story is the strength they showed.

Their journey there was by no means easy. The frustrations were as pronounced as the helplessness they felt. Yet the way they handled their heartache is a lesson in the importance of showing grace in the face of disappointment as it can leave a lasting impression with your adoption agency, as well as with expectant mothers who are considering you.

Despite setbacks, the couple knew deep down that their child was on the way. They were devastated by the disruption of their first private infant adoption, but instead of giving up, they healed and tried again. 

And because of this willingness to show grace by patiently waiting for the child they were meant for, they were rewarded shortly after with a beautiful son.

Throughout it all, Shawn and Shannon knew their child was out there. And wouldn’t you know it, the biological mother of their son had very specific requirements for the adoptive parents of her child, and Shawn and Shannon checked off every box. 

God was looking out for them the whole time!


An Overseas Embryo Adoption in Prague!

To many, the idea of adopting an embryo seems like an interesting concept! 

But as both Shawn and Shannon learned by listening to the ADOPTION NOW podcast in the past, embryo adoption can be a viable alternative to the traditional adoption process. And because of the show they decided to go to Prague and try it out!

As is discussed in the episode, embryo adoption is an extremely interesting dynamic because you are adopting an embryo that is not your own DNA, but at the same time, you have the opportunity to carry and deliver the baby yourself.

And the procedure is much less expensive in places like Prague than in the states. Shawn and Shannon estimate the total price--including plane tickets--to be in the $7,000 - $9,000 range. 

When considering the overall process, the couple has no complaints at all. There was no language barrier, medication was sent overseas to prepare Shannon for the embryo transfer, and it was a smooth process from there. Extremely smooth actually: they had twins as a result!!!

So, embryo adoption is yet another option for those of you who are trying to grow your family. 

But remember though, just like Shawn and Shannon learned: no matter how difficult the journey, no matter which route you take, as long as you don’t give up you will have a child.  

Stay hopeful, resilient, and strong. It will always be worth it!


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