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Foster Care and Project 1.27 [S2E18]

We are finishing National Adoption Month with this great interview about Foster Care!

Meaghan Nally from Nightlight Christian Adoptions and Shelly Radic from Project 1.27 discuss the extreme need for foster families across the USA, and the sense of urgency in Colorado in particular.

Meaghan breaks down exactly how the process works and what it is that they look for in a family.

Shelly is President of Project 1.27 and has been a foster parent, adopted through foster care, and has a brother who was adopted through foster care as well. Project 1.27 is a Biblically based, state-approved training program for families looking to get certified.

The need for foster families and respite care is far greater than you think, and through volunteering or fostering you can be the person that changes a child’s life!

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