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Embryo Twins: Michael and Naomi’s Embryo Adoption Story [S7E21]

After Michael and Naomi’s unsuccessful attempts to start a family, they were led to a fertility clinic where they were diagnosed with male-factor infertility. They were told IVF would be the only real option. The couple experienced a lot of grief and started praying about what to do to become parents.

They started to research their options when God opened the door to the National Embryo Donation Center in Knoxville, Tennessee!! 

This is where Michael and Naomi began their life-changing journey of becoming pregnant with two adopted boys through embryo adoption and the real twist of the story is the twins are NOT biologically related. What a MIRACLE STORY!!!

In this episode, they want to encourage other couples facing infertility that what feels like God’s “NO” in your life (infertility, loss, etc.) may actually be leading you face-to-face with His beautiful and perfect “YES” for your family. 

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