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Dedicated to Adoption Law: Attorney, Kathryn P. Pidgeon Shares her Forever Family Stories [S6E17]

Do you have questions about the adoption process and what to expect on the journey? This episode is for you!

Kathryn P. Pidgeon is an attorney that has practiced exclusively in the field of adoption for the past 33 years.

She has participated in over 3,000 adoptions in her career and she shares some of her experiences! She shares her passion on how to encourage and lift up families who are building a family through adoption. Kathryn tells us how she got into adoption law and how important it is to assist in a caring, ethical way.

In this episode Noah and April talk on how they wished they had known Kathryn when they were in the midst of their wild adoption stories! Finding the right attorney is so important, listen to this episode to find out why!

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