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Creating PairTree: Jaime and Erin Quick’s Adoption Story [S6E4]

After struggling with infertility, Jaime and Erin decided to travel state to state to adopt their two children. Erin talks about being honest in the matching process and how to be yourself when meeting the birthparents.

After adopting their two children, Erin started an online adoption platform called PairTree.

PairTree provides adoptive and birth families with a one-stop adoption platform. Beginning with the home study process by coordinating online home study options tailored to individual state requirements, they work closely with a network of family law and adoption attorneys. They also match prospective parents with birth mothers. This matching process increases transparency for biological parents and adoptive families, resulting in highly compatible matches. They have had over 20 successful matches made in the company’s first 12 months of business and were recently featured in People Magazine. Providing this umbrella of adoption services “under one roof” creates a seamless adoption experience for birth and adoptive parents.

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