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Charis Boone Johnson’s Story [S2E17]

If you were with us last week, you heard Katie and Scott’s story about being embryo donors. Today we have a story about an adoptive family that has 3 beautiful children, 2 from traditional adoption and one through embryo adoption. Charis and her husband battled for years with infertility, and tried everything including IVF, IUI and countless tests and diagnostic procedures to find out the cause of their struggles. After realizing that this was not the way they were going to grow their family, they attempted both foster to adopt and agency organized domestic adoption on three different occasions, all which failed, leaving them heartbroken and with empty arms. After all the heartbreak however, Charis met with a lawyer who led them down the path of private adoption, ultimately resulting in the birth of their first daughter. They were looking to grow their family further when a friend introduced Charis to the idea of embryo adoption, and while her husband took some convincing at first, the rest is history. Charis is now the co-founder of the National Registry for adoption with her friend Katie (last week’s guest), which is as they describe it, “the of embryo donors and waiting families”. NRFA allows both donors and waiting families to find and connect with possible matches, a process Charis can vouch for herself after finding a donor family through the service she helped create.

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