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Born From Our Souls: Aida Phillips Shares Her Adoption Story [S7E22]

Aida Phillips and her husband longed to be parents but found that conceiving naturally was not possible for them. They began infertility treatments, which ultimately proved unsuccessful and took a significant toll on Aida both mentally and physically.

She started looking into adoption, but her husband was hesitant, and EVEN MORE so when they met with a crooked adoption attorney in Miami!  

It was a journey to be matched to their daughter, but they did not give up. 

Aida is from Mexico and Jewish. In this episode we hear how that added to the obstacles of being matched to the right birth family who would accept the child to be raised Jewish. Despite these challenges, their resilience led them to a successful match.

Just wait until you hear about the day when they met their new baby daughter and the joy that filled their family! This profound experience inspired Aida to start a non-profit organization, “Born From Our Souls,” to support the Hispanic community in the adoption process. Her organization aims to hold the hearts and hands of those pursing adoption. 

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