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Jun 16, 2022

Last week, Author Jillana Goble joined the show to talk about her foster care and adoption journey. She shared her experience with open adoption that she has written about in her new book called “A Love-Stretched Life.”

On this episode, Jillana joins the show again with the birth mother of her son, Micah.

Jennifer Bracken was raised in the foster care system nearly her entire life. After running away several times, she aged out of the system and found herself pregnant at 18. By 19 she had two children and child welfare was involved. Jennifer shares her way through addiction and recovery. This episode shows us how open adoption can change not only the child’s life, but also the birth mother’s life. Jillana never stopped believing in Jennifer, who has now been sober for 6 years! Today Jillana and Jennifer speak together, sharing their story to state caseworkers, giving them a picture of an uncommon collaboration. Their message is that building a bridge between the biological mother and adoptive mother can multiply the love, and not divide.