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Sep 20, 2022

Peter Mutabazi was born in Uganda, Africa. At the age of ten years old he ran away from his abusive father to live on the streets of Uganda. He had nothing. No future and no hope - until one day he met a man who would change his life forever. Peter was given the opportunity to go to school and get an education. Now he lives in the United States and has dedicated his life to helping children. He worked for Compassion International and World Vision. He was then inspired to become a foster parent and eventually became an adoptive father! In this episode we learn what it takes to be from another country and get certified and become a foster home. Peter has now adopted two sons and has written a new book, “Now I am Known”, sharing his journey into a life he never dreamed could be possible.

 It just took one person to change his life. Could you be that one person for a child in need? Listen to this episode to hear this amazing story of overcoming and giving back to the next generation.