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Feb 17, 2022

ADOPTION NOW PODCAST is back in studio! Noah and April share some updates and have 2 very special guests on to express their excitement about the show! The whole family has missed recording and sharing your adoption stories. Season 6 is back in action! Get ready to hear the incredible stories you have missed so...

Feb 16, 2022

Noah and April speak from the heart about the journey they have had with ADOPTION NOW and the much needed break they need at this time. Don’t miss this episode as they bring on a special guest, AJ, their 9 year old son, who shares his thoughts on adoption.

From Social Worker to Adoptive Mom: Veronica Arteaga’s Story

Jun 27, 2019

On this episode, host April Fallon interviews Veronica Arteaga. She is the vice president of children and family services at the California-based Wayfinder Family Services. Veronica is an adoptive, biological, and foster mom of three children!

To start this episode, April starts at the beginning when Veronica was a...

Adoption Lessons Learned: Natalie Marcotte’s Challenging Second Adoption

Jun 13, 2019

Last time Natalie was here in 2017, the show ended on news that her daughter Lily had a biological sibling who was looking for a home! In this episode, we will hear all about this update to Natalie’s adoption journey.

Host April Fallon says that even though this second adoption didn’t go as smoothly for Natalie,...

Adoption Scam: Matt & Laura Trayte’s Devastating Story

May 30, 2019

This story is stranger-than-fiction. No words can adequately describe the hurt that Matt and Laura experienced as a result. It’s also an important story to tell to raise awareness in the adoption community.

To start this episode, April asks Matt and Laura when they started trying for adoption.

Laura says that their...