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Out of a South Korean Orphanage: Glenn Morey's Story About Finding His Voice and Creating a Documentary

Mar 28, 2019

While conducting pre-interviews for his new film project--Side by Side: Out of a South Korean Orphanage and Into the World--Glenn was blown away by the amount of Korean adoptees who had a very real need to speak of their full experience.

More than 100 interviews later, most of which averaged an hour each, Glenn has...

From an Empty Car Seat to a Full House: Shawn and Shannon’s Incredible Story

Mar 21, 2019

Shannon expressed a desire to be a mother early in her relationship with Shawn--Try the first date! She knew she wanted kids because being a mother had always been a dream for her.

Yet God would have other plans for the couple at that time.

As they got married and tried for children, it was not as easy as they planned....

A Miracle of Timing: Mike Marsden’s Story of Faith, Adoption, and Resiliency

Mar 14, 2019

Mike Marsden has shown an impressive amount of resilience throughout his life. 

In this episode, we trace the ups and downs of his story beginning with his adoption as an infant to when he was inspired by other adoptee stories on ADOPTION NOW to search for his birth mother.

Despite suffering emotionally devastating...

Destined for Motherhood: A Story of Adoption and Surrogacy

Mar 7, 2019

There is nothing more beautiful than life.

That sentiment echoes throughout the episode and resonates from the experiences that Dr. Claire had through the adoption and birth of her daughters Ruby and Hazel.

For, no matter how stressful and financially involved the process, the rewards transcend the effort put forth...