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Oct 18, 2017

We have all heard stories of people who adopt children from abroad and of people who adopt children with disabilities, but today we have a story with both. Sara Berry and her husband were parents to 5 beautiful children when their faith lead them on a path that resulted in the adoption of two children from China. From the start they knew that both children had disabilities but their immediate love for them, made the decision easy, even if the process wasn’t always. Sally was their first adoption and underwent surgery within weeks of arriving in the US, but it was Charlie that proved to them that miracles can and do happen. On this podcast Sara discusses how her faith has influenced her decisions throughout life and especially when adopting, and the importance of redefining things for your adoptive children whether they are from the US or abroad. Sara is the author of A Cord of Three Strands and A Broken Mirror, which are adoption based and must reads if you enjoy adoption stories.