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Apr 28, 2022

Diane is an adult adoptee and the author of the award-winning memoir, Fixing the Fates. She is also the host of “Dropping In,” a show on

In this episode, Diane speaks on the magic of being an adoptee and how she feels “lucky” to have grown up in the home she did. She was adopted from a German orphanage and traveled with her new grandmother to the United States. When Diane searches to find the truth about her story, she learns about her biological mother’s love for her!!! (It's amazing - grab your Kleenex box) 

This interview is so heart-warming, and Diane's outlook is…adoptees are SO special!!  In fact, she feels they have heroic qualities. They often have the ability to activate the creative side of their brain and are very resilient and courageous.

Many switch from logical thinking to the intuitive side, which is a great gift to them and those around them.

You must listen to this episode if you are in the adoption community, it is so encouraging and gives insight into the adoptees’ super powers and giftings!

“If it is…it is as it was meant to be.”