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I Call You Mine

Sep 6, 2018

Kim de Blecourt is an award-winning author, international speaker and Executive Director of Nourished Hearts, a non-profit serving orphaned and vulnerable children.

Kim and her husband Jahn adopted their son from Ukraine and told their story on ADOPTION NOW in 2016. She has just written a 6-week study called I Call You Mine – Embracing God’s Gift of Adoption.

On this episode, April Fallon talks with Kim about this book and how it can help adoptive families and people looking to start the adoption/foster care process.

To start, April asks Kim about the book that he has been working so hard on:

Kim says the idea of the book blossomed from her inability to find a bible study on adoption. Taking the matter into her own hands, she decided to fill that need herself. I Call You Mine was born!

Kim says this book is for anyone who has felt drawn towards adoption or foster care. She says that if you have felt a nudge from God in that direction, you will benefit immensely from the book.

April asks her what people can expect after going through the 6-week bible study.

Kim says that first she lays a foundation in the book for parents who are looking to adopt. She stresses the importance of spending more time than normal in prayer during the whole process. In addition, recognizing God’s adoption of us into His family and His love for us is such an important thing to draw from. The first week dwells on the different kinds of love that are involved during adoption. It is full of adoption stories from other families as well!

When talking about the book, April asks Kim to elaborate on the quote: “The moment we decide to adopt, we realize our arms are painfully empty.”

“I don’t think I ever experienced such agony in waiting until I adopted...the minute you decide, that’s when you realize how empty your arms are.”

Kim states that preparation for and prayer during the more challenging aspects of adoption is key to making it through the journey. Her book is a great resource to utilize for this purpose. 

April builds upon this and says that the book would be a great resource for not only adoptive families, but also pastors, church leaders, and average people who want to understand the heart of God in adoption. 

When asked how her understanding of the bible was changed during the writing process, Kim says that it opened up many things. One of them being the overarching theme of the bible that God created us to commune with Him. We turned our backs on God, and He brought us back into His family, as she says.

April agrees, and she also points out amazing the book was for helping remind her to stay grounded in God. It’s a great resource for remembering to trust in God and to listen to His direction.

Kim says the book is helping parents prepare their hearts for adoption. It also functions as a very helpful support system for those who may not have that group of like-minded people to turn to. Most importantly, it is a living, breathing reminder that God is there with you, helping you along at every step of the journey. If you feel alone and scared during the process, God is there. April says that looking back she realized that God was with her family the whole time!

For more on Kim’s book, an update on her son Jake, and a great discussion overall listen to this episode of ADOPTION NOW!