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Oct 4, 2017

There are few more challenging achievements that the average person looks up to more than summiting Mt. Everest. Now imagine doing it blind. That’s what today’s guest Erik Weihenmayer did, becoming the first blind man to do so, along with summiting the rest of the Seven Summits, and kayaking the entire 277 miles of the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River. But his greatest challenge, as he writes in his latest book "No Barriers," was adopting his son Arjun from Nepal and finding a way to fight through the bureaucracy, corruption, and unknowns that can accompany international adoptions. This week on ADOPTION NOW, Erik shares the crazy story of the circumstances around the adoption (there was a civil war in the country at the time), some of the challenges of adopting a 5 year old from a foreign country across the world, and how they were able to integrate Arjun into their family.