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Aug 22, 2018

On this podcast, April Fallon, the host of ADOPTION NOW, shares an update from the summer and talks about what is to come in the fourth season of the podcast.

To start, April provides some information on her mother. 

April took the whole summer off because her mother was diagnosed with cancer. And as she has said, it has been a grueling, exhausting, and painful time.

April’s mother had esophageal cancer and would need radiation chemo and surgery a month later. Really, the treatment plan was very simple. After the necessary treatment, her mother was doing completely fine.

But unexpectedly she had a pulmonary embolism and was soon on life support.

April says it’s one thing to parent adopted children and work on attachment, and it’s another to be a caretaker and concerned daughter to a sick mother. Combining these circumstances is extremely difficult.

She appreciates all of the prayers and concerns: they mean so much to April. She is taking her mother’s recovery and treatment day by day. This podcast is thanking you for your support!

And of course, April wants to let listeners know that ADOPTION NOW is back! Applications are being looked at, questions answered, and new episodes in the works. The whole team is just very busy right now, but new content is coming! Thank you all for your help and support.