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Oct 10, 2019

Author, Adrian Collins, is a returning guest on ADOPTION NOW. Last year she and her husband came on to share their journey as birth parents and adoptive parents. Together they have 5 children, three biological sons, one adopted son, and one daughter relinquished at birth and later re-adopted back into the family. You can hear that full episode here.

Today she speaks on a topic that she has never publicly opened up about and that has not been discussed on ADOPTION NOW until this episode: Abortion vs. Adoption.

What is it like to have an abortion?
What is it like to choose adoption?
What is the grief process like with both choices?

Adrian shares about getting pregnant as a teenager and feeling trapped and overwhelmed. She did not think she had any choices and did not feel the support from her family. Abortion seemed like the easy way out. It seemed it was a way that could solve the problem fast and bring the least amount of shame. What she learned was quite different. 

"I knew God was there, I knew I was forgiven, I just couldn't accept it for myself." 

This episode is a look into what a woman goes through on the journey of an unplanned pregnancy. Adrian shares from the heart in this very candid and raw interview. 

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